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Do you trust your heart and your intuition or do you follow your mind?

Every second we are flooded with about 11 million sensory impressions, of which our brain filters only about 40, which we can consciously perceive. From this point of view, it almost would be crazy to only listen to our mind and leave important decisions to it, while our intuition accesses the unlimited knowledge of the field. Often we tend to overthink things and not follow the first impulse, the first inner thought.

To follow your heart means to follow the core of your being and is usually the best you can do. It makes us happy when we follow our heart and happy people enjoy their lives and are usually healthier. If you want to be happy, choose to follow the path of your heart.

How you connect with your intuition:

Follow your feelings and don't be afraid to do what feels right, no matter how crazy it might feel. Be aware that you can always take a new decision if something feels wrong. It always starts with a feeling.

Avoid excessive thinking. Sometimes negative thoughts begin to circulate in the mind. Then take a deep breath in and out and return to a positive mindset so that you can clearly see your heart's path again. Allow yourself to dream big.

Trust your inner voice. It is not always easy to stay in touch with our subconscious thoughts, they are the language of our soul and show us the way of our heart. Your truth will unfold to you if you are patient and completely at your ease. Trust yourself and your life.

Write down your thoughts. Pick up a pen and write down your thoughts that come to your mind „out of nowhere“. Don't put the pen down, even if you stray from the subject. As you read your notes, your intuition becomes clearer and clearer.

Listen to your gut feeling, so you follow your heart and your intuition. Trust your first thought, it comes from within, and is not the result of endless brooding. You would be surprised how often you follow your initial feeling in the end anyway.

Pay attention to synchronicities. The term synchronicity was founded by Carl Gustav Jung and refers to at least two events that occur simultaneously, which are not in an external, causal correlation, but which have an internal connection. You probably have experienced this, you think of a person and at the same moment he calls. Or you think of separation and in the same moment a plate breaks. Or you think of a word and in the same moment you see it on a billboard. Synchronicities open a door to our subconscious. The outer world is a mirror of your intuition.

Relax. Let your thoughts flow in a relaxed state. This way you do not make decisions under pressure. Take time to relax again and again, through a warm bath, deep breathing or meditation. Dream without limiting yourself, what do you wish for, what would you like to experience if everything was possible?

Our challenge is to distinguish whether the first thought comes from the subconscious or whether the mind has already interfered. Your intuition and your heart are your guiding star in the end and show you the way.

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